What is the value of getting your APR?

Read what multiple professionals say what it means to them:

Eilene“Like many in PR, I got my start in journalism. It wasn't until I pursued the APR that I learned the skills I needed to be a true "PR" professional and not just a press agent. I am so grateful for the professionalism I gained through the APR.”  Eilene Wollslager, PhD, APR


“The intense preparation for the APR written and oral exams proved to be extremely valuable in my career progression. It caused me to concentrate on the core principles of PR and how better to achieve strategic goals for my employer.  Earning accreditation also clearly demonstrated my pursuit of professionalism to top executives, colleagues, friends and family.  All in all, I believe the effort was well worth it.” Bob McCullough, APR, Communications Director, Morgan’s Wonderland, San Antonio 


“Getting the APR wasn’t easy for me since I have a busy life, but I persevered and eventually received it. I encourage everyone in the PR field to set a goal to earn it because the knowledge you gain from it will make you a better PR professional. The time and effort I put into my APR was a small investment for the longevity of my career.” Melissa Monroe-Young 


“I decided to earn my APR as soon as I was eligible because my mentors emphasized its importance in establishing myself as a public relations professional and counselor. During my master's work at Drake University, I met Edward Bernays and studied with two professors who were APRs and advocates of accreditation. With their guidance, earning my APR as soon as I had five years of professional experience was the natural "next step." As my career has progressed over 30 years of PRSA membership, maintaining my APR has remained important to me. The accreditation communicates to employers, clients and media a level of professionalism and knowledge that exceeds that of others and an assurance of an adherence to a code of ethics and a body of knowledge that has met the standards of a professional organization.” Christine L. Keyser-Fanick, BA, MA, APR


“As a public relations consultant, the APR gives me confidence that I am giving my clients advice that has the stamp of approval of the top public relations professionals in the field. I have found the APR training in research and planning to be especially beneficial because I can offer more than just tactical abilities. It allows me to provide a higher level perspective and strategies to achieve the bottom-line results that business owners and the C-Suite appreciate.” Michelle Seay Baker, APR, Owner, e-Nuz