La Plata Campaign Category List


La Plata Campaign Category Guidelines
Note: Del Oro Awards emulate the PRSA Bronze and Silver Anvil Awards

1. Community Relations 

Includes programs that aim to improve relations with, or seek to win the support or cooperation of, people or organizations in communities in which the sponsoring organization has an interest, need or opportunity. “Community” in this category refers to a specific geographic location or locations.

2. Content Marketing 

Programs that effectively demonstrate a strategic program that includes creating and distributing valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage target audience(s). Include examples and metrics.

3. Crisis Communications

Includes programs undertaken to deal with an unplanned event that required an immediate response.

4. Events and Observances

Includes programs or events, such as commemorations, observances, openings, yearlong anniversaries, celebrations or other special activities. 

5. Financial Communications Campaigns

Includes programs directed to shareowners, other investors and the investment community.

6. Global Communications Campaigns

Includes any type of program, such as Reputation/Brand Management, Marketing or Events and Observances, that demonstrates effective global communications implemented in more than one country.

7. Influencer Marketing 

Macro-influencers: Celebrities, executives, bloggers, and journalists. They have the highest topical relevance on the spectrum, with category-specific influence – such as lifestyle, fashion or business.
Micro-influencers: Everyday consumers or employees or industry experts. They have the highest brand relevance and resonance on the spectrum of influencers, with influence driven by their personal experience and strength of relationship with their networks.

8. Integrated Communications 

Includes any program that demonstrates leadership of public relations strategies and tactics in a creative and effective integrated campaign, along with other marketing or communications. The program must demonstrate the clear leadership of public relations, along with its integration with other disciplines.

9. Internal Communications Campaigns 

Includes programs targeted specifically to special publics directly allied with an organization, such as employees, members, affiliated dealers and franchisees.

10. Issues Management

For programs undertaken to deal with issues that could extraordinarily affect ongoing business strategy.

11. Marketing Communications Campaigns for Products or Services

Includes programs designed to introduce new products/services, or promote existing products/services to a particular audience.

12. Public Service

Includes programs that advance public understanding of societal issues, problems or concerns.

13. Reputation/Brand Management Campaigns

Programs designed to enhance, promote or improve the reputation of an organization with its publics or key elements of its publics, either proactively or in response to an issue, event or market occurrence.

14. Media Relations Campaigns

Includes any program that demonstrates that you mastered the delicate balance between powerful storytelling, relationship building, reputation management and more to create an impressive media relations strategy across multiple channels. How did you analyze media trends to generate more clicks, shares and coverage? Share the strategies you used to maximize your reach.

15. Social Media Campaigns

Includes any program that demonstrates you mastered the use of social media to generate awareness, engagement and audience reach to get information out about a product, service, organization or cause. Show the strategy and measures you used to show the effectiveness of the campaign.