La Plata Campaign Category List

Refer to the list below to determine the appropriate category for your La Plata entry.

La Plata Campaign Category Guidelines

Community Relations/Public Affairs: Programs (including special events and observances) that seek to win the support or cooperation of, or that aim to improve relations with, people or organizations in communities in which the sponsoring organization has an interest, need or opportunity. This category also includes any public service/public affairs programs that advance public understanding of a societal issue, problem or concern or that are specifically designed to influence public policy, etc. (Campaigns designed to promote products should be entered in Marketing Consumer Products or Services.)  

Marketing Consumer Products, Services or Business to Business: Programs designed to introduce new or promote existing products or services to a consumer audience or business audience. 

Crisis Communications: Programs undertaken to deal with an unplanned event that required an immediate response.

Internal Communications: Programs targeted specifically to special publics directly allied with an organization (for example, employees, members, affiliated dealers or franchisees). 

Media Relations: Programs designed to publicize and promote products, services or ideas and/or develop relationships with the media and/or other publics. Entries may include media relations, media tours, trade shows, pitching, etc. 

Investor Relations: Programs aimed at developing, maintaining and improving relationships with potential investors, shareholders and/or others in the investment community. 

Social Media Campaigns: Communications targeting a designated audience and executed over one or more social media platforms. This category can include smart phone campaigns.