El Bronce Tactics Category List

Media Relations

Tactics, programs and events driven entirely by media relations. Submit press releases, media advisories, pitch letters, requests for coverage, etc., along with the one-page summary that shows evidence of the resulting media coverage. Upload or provide YouTube/Vimeo links to any television or radio coverage. 

Feature Stories

Feature articles that have been written by a practitioner, and submitted and published through his/her efforts. Submit text of feature article, as well as documentation of publication and placement. Feature Stories must be written in their entirety or substantively by the entrant, and not merely “pitched.”  

Executive Communications

Positioning of an executive at any level across earned, owned, and share platforms. The one-page summary should include information about the executive and stated objectives, quantification of results as well as copies of significant placements, social media, posts or memos.

Social Media Engagement 
  • Twitter Engagement: How did you interact with your audience in real time? Show your most interactive Twitter accounts with measurements like Retweets, likes, impressions and clicks. What impression did they leave on your audience?
  • Facebook Engagement: How did you use Facebook to share your message and engage your audience? How did it enhance your overall marketing plan? Did it lead to increased activity and viral reach?
  • Youtube Engagement: Did you make a popular YouTube video that persuaded your audience not only to watch but also comment and share the video? Share the videos that you created that combine storytelling and great production. In addition to the video please provide measurable objectives, such as the number of comments, shares and social reach of your video.
  • Instagram Communications: How did you use this visual platform to connect and engage with your audience? Was it used to sell products or share insights? Provide details of the results you have seen.
  • Linkedin: Show how you used this social media gateway to optimize the company’s business stature through announcements, engaging articles or other creative ways.
  • Pinterest: How did you engage followers and increase brand awareness and sales through use of beautiful graphics? Show links to your Pinterest boards along with metrics.

Mobile App or New Digital Platform

Use of mobile applications as part of a public relations program. Include copy and any images of key pages to support your one-page summary. 

Research, Data/Analytics

How did it uncover hidden patterns, correlations or other insights to help make quicker and more efficient business decisions to gain a competitive edge? Research that provides a meaningful contribution or input to a public relations program, or an evaluation documenting the value or benefit of a public relations program or tactic. 


Use of a website as part of a communications or content marketing program. Include screen grabs or copies of key pages to support your one-page summary. Additionally, include the website URL for external sites.

Word-of-Mouth (viral, buss, talk triggers)

Tactics that get key audiences talking or provide an avenue for conversation using different techniques, such as viral marketing, sampling programs, loyalty programs, etc.

Creative Tactics

Innovative, unconventional, creative tactics or approaches used as part of a public relations program. Documentation of how the tactic specifically contributed to the measurable results of the campaign should be included. (Photographic and/or video representation of any physical objects should be uploaded.)

Annual Reports

Publications that report on an organization’s annual performance. Upload a sample of one copy of the publication, along with a one-page summary.


Web-based journals, or blogs, that communicated to a target audience. The one-page summary should include rationale for blogging strategy, target audiences and statistics, or other means of quantifiable measurement to support stated goals/objectives. Screen downloads of the blog being entered, as well as the actual site URL, must be submitted as part of the story.

Digital Newsletters/Publications

Publications designed, written and published periodically to provide brief and timely information to target audiences while supporting an organization’s overall objectives. Upload samples of consecutive issues, along with a one-page summary. Single-issue publications designed for a special purpose. Books and other publications not eligible for consideration in other categories should be entered here. Upload a sample of one copy of the publication along with the one-page summary.


Pre-produced videos distributed online to inform target audiences of an event, product, service, issue or organization. Entries may consist of an edited video and one of any sound bites. The one-page summary should include usage statistics or other means of quantified measurement to support stated goals/objectives.

Online Newsroom

Also known as a pressroom, media room, press center or media center is a website, web page or site section that contains distributable information about a corporation or organization.

Branded or Sponsored Content

Use of content generation to promote a particular brand which funds the content's production.


Media files distributed over the Internet using streaming media technology. May be live or recorded. Submit the one-page summary and upload or provide YouTube/Vimeo links of the webcast, as well as the actual site URL.

Innovation in Customer Service

Customers are wielding more power and demanding more from customer service. How did you demonstrate transformative innovation by introducing something new which revolved around the customer’s needs and had a big impact on the company’s service performance? Provide metrics.


How did you tell your story – was the purpose to teach or share? Was it intended for internal or external audiences and was there engagement on multiple platforms? Provide listener feedback.

Print Magazines/Newsletters

Publications designed to provide in-depth information about an organization or topic on a regular basis. Magazines typically differentiate from newsletters by the number of pages and length of articles. Upload samples of three consecutive issues along with the one-page summary.