El Bronce Tactics Award Entry

Highlight your best tactics with an El Bronce Award!


El Bronce Tactics Award Entry Form

El Bronce (bronze) Tactics Awards recognize outstanding public relations tactics – whether a media kit, annual report, newsletter, video program, public service announcement (PSA), speech, blog, smartphone application, website or use of social media – are the hardworking parts of any public relations program. El Bronce awards celebrate the best of the best in tactics through categories reflecting their growing scope, creativity and the importance of strategic public relations.

Entry Guidelines

PRSA members and nonmembers are eligible to submit as many entries as they wish in any category. Entrants must work primarily in the San Antonio market or in a nearby market if their market does not have a PRSA chapter. Work entered in this contest must have been substantially completed during the 2020 calendar year.

Each entry will have its own Entry Form. The Entry Form explains to the judges the purpose, intent, audience and any restrictions imposed on the production of the item you are entering.

Each Entry Form should include:

  1. A one-page Situation Analysis for your program detailing each of the four judging criteria: planning/content, creativity/quality, technical excellence and assessment/results. It should address the following:
    • Explain the need for this project. What goals and objectives did you intend to accomplish?
    • What did your client/employer want to say? What was your message?
    • Who was the audience you intended to reach?
    • Describe your project or tactic.
    • How did you measure your project’s effectiveness?
  2. Supporting materials: Samples, news clippings, photos, publications and copies of materials used in the planning and execution of the program should be attached as a PDF.
    Each entry can have to up three file uploads with supporting materials AND three hyperlinks for supporting materials. Please compress any large PDF files as we cannot accept files larger than 50 MB.
    *Pro tip: Combine like files together into PDFs, for example media coverage for your tactic can be strung together into one PDF file, compressed for online viewing and uploaded as one file.
    All materials must be submitted in English. Entries produced in a language other than English must be translated. A copy of the original, as well as the translated version, must be submitted.

El Bronce Categories

Refer to the El Bronce category list to determine the appropriate category (newsletter, special event, etc.) for your entry.


Judging Criteria

Here is the criteria and scoring sheet that the judges will use to score each entry.


Entries must be received no later than midnight CST on Monday, April 5, 2021.

Entry Fees

Not for Profit and Nonprofit Organizations: $45 for PRSA members / $55 for nonmembers
For Profit Organizations: $80 for PRSA members / $85 for nonmembers
Full-time PR Students: $20

Note: Payment page is the same system we use for our luncheons. Instead of meal registrations, you will see tickets for La Plata or Del Oro. 

You have two options for payment of your award entry: credit card or offline payment. If using credit card, please pay for your entries at the time of submission by following the link on the submission confirmation page. If you would like an offline payment option, you must email PRSA SA Treasurer Maren Minchew at [email protected] for alternate instructions. Payment MUST be received by the chapter for each award entry BEFORE the entries are sent for judging. ALL UNPAID ENTRIES WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.


El Bronce Tactic Entry Form