Member Spotlight: Lorna Stafford

Posted by PRSA_MelissaMY on 03/26/2020 5:39 pm  

Name:  Lorna Stafford

: Communications Director

:  San Antonio Area Foundation

How long have you been in your current position? 
2.5 years

How long have you been a member of PRSA?
2.5 years

Held any offices in PRSA/Chapter? (name if so) 
Secretary of PRSA San Antonio Chapter

What does PRSA mean to you? 
As a journalist, I didn’t have a clue about the PR world. I only knew that PR pros sent news releases and pitched to media. As a new PR pro, PRSA has been my go-to for a quick education on the day-to-day processes of a PR pro. It’s way more than sending news releases. This organization means the world to me because not only have I had the opportunity to take wonderful webinars focused on key aspects of the field, but I’ve also met wonderful people who are willing to listen and help. People who have been there, done that, and are full of wisdom and great advice. 

Hobbies or something unique that you do that you might would share: 
In my spare time, I sing with different bands in the area – all genres of music.

What is something that you would share to someone new going into PR? 
There are so many things I could share. The most important, however, is to join PRSA as soon as you can. It is a great resource that will help you get up to speed quickly whether you are new to the industry or you just need a refresher. Also, it is so important to write well. As a journalist, I can’t tell you the number of news releases I received that rambled, buried the news angle, etc. PR pros who sent well-written information became my go-to sources, and the irony is that now I’m walking alongside them as a PRSA member.