Happy New Year - 2017

Posted by PRSA_MelissaMY on 01/25/2017 10:41 pm  

Happy New Year!

I'm excited to be president of this awesome chapter this year and continue the good work that previous presidents did before me. Hopefully as you have seen on our social media channels, emails and newsletters, we have hit the ground running with a variety of events in January and February.

Getting all these things planned wouldn't be possible if we didn't have one of the best board of directors in San Antonio. From past to present boards, these are hard-working PR professionals who volunteer their time to not only support the organztaion but uplift the field of PR. Thank you also to the 2016 PRSA SA Presdient Gretchen Roufs for her leadership, and Northwest Vista College Public Relations deparment for allowing me to serve in this position. 

I'm happy to report that the current board made significant changes at our December transiton meeting for the financial health of the organization. We voted to increase luncheon prices by $10 for professionals, retirees and guests, and just $5 for students. Along with that, we are offering a $5 early-bird discount for a limited time on each of the luncheons. The reason for this increase is because hotel venues are more expensive than before and we weren't keeping up with the rising costs.  

Along those lines, we also voted to reduce the amount of luncheons we offer from 10 to seven in a year. It's challenging to put on a monthly event and offer quality content. Spreading our luncheons out allows extra time to publicize our events and give content our members are interested in. We also decided to try once again other events to give members options, such as a few more breakfast workshops and mixers. 

Finally, don't forget that through the annual Del Oro awards gala, the local PR industry gets to shine and show off their hard work throughout the year. Make sure you submit your entry online before March 10. At a recent workshop on how to submit winning Del Oro entries, Fran Stephenson, APR suggested that the entry aplication shouldn't be more than two pages, along with supporting documents to reinforce your case. So don't make it hard on yourself!

Thank you for being a member of PRSA and if you are not a member, come join an organization where you can gain more professional development and valuable networking contacts. 

Melissa Monroe-Young, APR
PRSA SA President