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Technology Tipping Point: A Social Dilemma Discussion


October 29, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Technology’s promise to keep us connected has given rise to a host of unintended consequences that are creating lasting effects on our culture. The question now is – are you using technology or is it using you?

In the film, The Social Dilemma, we hear from tech insiders about how the platforms that connected the world and transformed how we consume information did so at a cost. The unintended consequences of exploitative technologies are catching up with us in the form of:

  • Mental Health Dilemma- Addiction, anxiety and depression. Platforms are designed to reward distraction and keep us hooked – at the expense of our wellbeing – to fuel their business.
  • Democracy Dilemma - Political polarization and divisiveness. Content that promotes outrage, deception, and conspiracy is promoted as a way to drive more engagement. Stronger ideological rifts make cooperation and compromise increasingly difficult and ultimately sabotage our democracy.
  • Discrimination Dilemma - Algorithmic bias and the amplification of hate. Algorithms are not equipped to detect hate speech and the data harnessed by our online activity is used by institutions in ways that can harm and discriminate against marginalized communities.

Join PRSA on Thursday October, 29 at 12 p.m. for “Technology Tipping Point: A Social Dilemma Discussion”. This timely discussion will be moderated by PRSA President & Founder of MMPR, Maren Minchew and will feature:

  • Magaly Chocano, Founder of Sweb Development
  • Dr. Karen Freeburg, Associate Professor of Strategic Communication at the University of Louisville
  • Claudia Loya, Founder of Sweet Talk Social

This panel will provide commentary on the Netflix documentary, actions professionals can take to create solutions for better social practices, as well as review things to do to unprogram your negative digital behaviors.



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