El Bronce Tactics Entry Form

Review the entry guidelines.
Entries must be received no later than midnight CST on Friday, March 6, 2020.

Entry Information

  Nonprofit, Not For Profit
  For Profit
  Full-time Student

Entry Submission

Refer to the El Bronce category list to determine the appropriate category for your entry.

 Supporting Materials

Upload samples, news clips, photos, publications and copies of materials used in the planning and execution of the tactic. The maximum cumulative size of all uploaded materials (including the narrative) is 30MB and 20MB per individual file. You may combine like files together into one PDF, for example media coverage for your tactic can be strung together into one PDF, compressed for online viewing and uploaded as one file. If your materials exceed the size limits, you may provide a link to a site (ie: Dropbox) where the judges can review your materials.

Have Questions?

For questions or technical concerns, contact the Del Oro Chair, Matt Harwig at [email protected]