The Latest Digital PR Trends - Recap of the March PRSA SA Luncheon

Posted by PRSA_MelissaMY on 02/11/2020 10:30 pm  

This spring, members of PRSA and myself had the opportunity to attend the luncheon titled, “The Latest Digital PR Trends” on February 6, 2020. Christian Reed-Ogba, co-founder & CEO of EHCU PR; Kirsten Forkheim, senior account executive of KGBTexas; and Alex Rubio, vice president of account services of SPS Digital delivered presentations on how you can use the latest trends in PR to help narrow the differences between social media and digital marketing.

The three main questions that were covered during the presentations were:

  1. How can organizations optimize the latest PR trends to bridge the gap between social media and digital marketing?

  2. How can organizations integrate their digital marketing KPIs into their overall strategic communications campaign?

  3. What is an example of a digital case study that illustrates how content creation enhanced your client’s outreach?

Of all the questions asked, the first one resonated with me the most. As a college student learning to navigate the field of communications and PR, this presentation provided me with all of the tools necessary to do that.

Kirsten Forkheim was the first to touch on question one. She provided information as well as many examples on how to optimize the latest PR trends. An example she gave was to have PR driven content creation. This is something that is authentic, transparent, relevant, facilitates meaningful engagement and can build relationships. Forkheim also presented the idea of “benefits of nano-influencers.” This is the idea that nano-influencers will deliver 60 percent more engagement, are 6.7 times more cost efficient, are seen as more authentic, and have a localized audience that is easy to target.

Christian Reed-Ogba was the next speaker to present her findings on the first question. She started her presentation by saying we should have PR driven content connections. Reed-Ogba also challenged us to optimize searches by using search terms in social posts and purchased ads. She also told us that when we use bios, they should be an introduction to you instead of an introduction to your brand.

Lastly, Alex Rubio gave her tips on how to bridge the gap between social media and digital marketing. She started by saying that we need to always be active, whether that be on social media or with clients. She next gave tips on how to promote through social media and how to get the most responses out of it.

These presenters gave relevant and informative answers to all three questions they were asked. Attendees of the luncheon were fortunate to be given the tips and tools necessary to be successful in bridging the gap between social media and digital marketing.

-PRSSA Student Kiana Flemings